Tomlinson Public Service District, a water department located in the New Manchester, WV area, is seeking a qualified individual to do maintenance work for the District. A job description is available online at or by calling the office at 304-387-2658. It is preferred, although not required, that the individual live within the boundary area of the District. This will be a part-time  position with the potential to become full-time. Resumes or applications must be received by June 17, 2024. They may be sent to P.O. Box 369, Chester, WV 26034 or delivered to the office at 2830 Sixth Street, New Cumberland WV 26047. Tomlinson PSD is an equal opportunity employer.



Position Title: Laborer

Department: Water Distribution

General Description of Work


This is routine, manual work-usually repetitive in nature. Performs duties requiring physical exertion. Work involves the use of manual tools on routine tasks and occasional use of small power tools.




The duties range over a large variety of District activities, including light and heavy physical labor, indoor and outdoor work in groups or alone depending on the nature of the assignment Other duties include maintaining the distribution system such as flushing lines, and other necessary maintenance; digging trenches with pick & shovel to repair broken water mains; backfilling and tamping dirt; mixing concrete, pushing wheelbarrow, moving debris, shoveling asphalt, cutting asphalt or concrete with jackhammer; sweeping sidewalks and roadways, raking leaves, cutting brush, trimming weeds, and meter reading. Employee will clean trucks and other manual labor or aid in moving heavy equipment and other manual laboring tasks, when there is a need such as cutting of brush, mowing, and laying of pipe for water leak repair and extensions. Employee will complete daily timesheets, be available after hours, weekends and holidays if necessary. Employee will do any additional work that may be required or requested by the Manager.


Supervised by Manager.


Skills, knowledge and Abilities: Some knowledge of hand tools and standard practices of labor operations. Ability to understand and follow oral instructions; ability to deal with people; ability to perform a variety of manual tasks; ability to perform heavy manual labor for prolonged periods, often under adverse climate conditions.



Must be at least 18 years of age or older and must be able to read and write English and follow directions. Employee must have a valid Driver’s License.